Parks and nature are important contributors to the prevention and treatment of many human health conditions. The People and Parks Foundation has long championed the link between a healthy natural environment and the health and wellbeing of people connected to that environment. People and Parks is in a unique position to develop resources in support of connecting people to nature for health, wellbeing and sustainable natural environments.

The strong connection between the health of the natural environment and human health has long been central to Aboriginal culture. This is captured in the saying “Care for your country, and your country will care for you”, as per the Victorian Memorandum for Health and Nature.

The People and Parks Foundation acknowledges the important link between healthy, happy people and a healthy natural environment. Supporting human health and the health of our planet. We develop resources to connect people to nature for health, wellbeing and sustainable natural environments.

Our vision is for all people to have access and opportunity to engage with nature now and into the future. Since our formation in 2004, we have collaborated with community, government, philanthropic and corporate entities to develop resources towards projects with the aim to facilitate a connection between people and parks. We engage in projects that seek to achieve one, if not more of our three key objectives, our ‘pillars’.

We develop and implement special projects in collaboration with likeminded community groups that are aimed at improving park infrastructure via ‘value-adding’ to encourage positive interactions with nature, as well as facilitating the use of parks particularly by those in the community who have not yet experienced the benefits that time spent in nature provides, and those with identifiable health and wellbeing needs.

Current Projects:

Past Projects: